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"Wow!! This artist reminds me of Van Gogh, I cannot take my eyes off the paintings." 

Thank you for sharing your art.  Each one keeps getting Better and Better and they are AWESOME!!  Keep working hard and sharing your Creative and Cool Art!!! I love the Detail on the different buildings and the colors.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!"

Stephen White

This is Ms. Fitz.  I loved looking at your art work.  I have looked at it several times and it is so hard for me to just pick one as my favorite.  They are all sooo very good.  I really like the huge big flower and also the Empire State Building.  I am so glad that you are still doing your art work.  You have obviously become an amazing young man.  I hope I get to see you soon!!! I am going to send the information about your website to Coach McCaffrey.  Take care and congratulations on all of your wonderful artwork!!"

Ms. Fitz
I love the artwork Anthony!  I live in Georgia and know your dad and Tonya! My favorite are the sunflowers…I love all of them…the ones where there are just one, AND the ones  where there are two or more!!  I am sure displayed all together, they must look beautiful!

Michelle M. Galanin
Anthony – I love your art.   Your paintings definitely speak to me.   I have made the beach scene my screen saver.  Keep up the good work!  I look forward to seeing you when you come visit your grandma in Dania Beach!

Walter B. Duke, III, MAI, CCIM
Clobus, McLemore & Duke, Inc.
Dania Beach City Commissioner
Anthony, Thank you so much for the pictures you painted. The pictures are hanging on the wall in the kitchen.  They looked bright,and cheerful! People walked in the kitchen and have complimented the pictures! You are the best!

I love you, Aunt Kathy